Glass Art, Functional Work, & Custom Pieces

Our Studio produces quality glass art. Everything from wine glasses to large lobby installations.

Custom Glass Work

Custom Glass Work

Custom glass pieces for your home & public space: If you can dream it, we can make it!

Glass Blowing is one of the many forms of art glass. If you put a little air into molten glass, turn it, cool it and mold it… some magical things can happen. We can help you create that piece that you’ve always wanted. Learn More About Our Custom Glass

Glass Art Gallery

Glass Art Gallery

We welcome you to browse through our portfolio of work from the past and present. Please contact us if you see something that you just must have or maybe it sparks an idea for something custom. Learn More About Our Gallery

Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting and Installations

Custom, hand-made light fixtures are now accessible to anyone email for a free quote

We are pleased to be able to offer custom-made lights, chandeliers and sconces. Whether you need the glasswork only or the entire project, we can create the perfect lighting for your home or business. Learn More About Our Custom Lighting & Decor

Our Glass Studio

At Glass Blowing Austin we strive to share our love of glass blowing and glass art with everyone. We recently left Austin but we are still making work, just in a different State. If you are looking for some work or need an answer to any questions, please contact us.  If we can’t help you we’ll certainly point you in the right direction.
Morgan at Work

Get in touch at 512-968-2551 or go to our contact page.
We are open 6 Days / Week by appointment. Please call ahead - Thanks!

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